Marketing Consulting
If you are looking for high velocity solutions to increase sales, let us help you with a plan to drive more customers to your products.
Local SEO Solutions
We will analyze your local business SEO and make optimizations that will drive more customers to your product or services.
Marketing & SEO Tips
Don’t let the challenges of Marketing & SEO get you down! We have some free tips that will lift your mood and your rankings.

About Animated Marketing

We started building and search optimizing Ecommerce websites over 14 years ago. Back then, the digital landscape looked a lot different. Much has changed.

Here’s the honest truth about SEO & Marketing:

Too many people are paying for services when they need solutions. Who cares about more traffic, if it’s not relevant and doesn’t convert to paying customers?

Whether you are a local business an eCommerce owner or a B2B business, the goal is the same — increase revenue by sending more customers to your products.

But there is not a one-size-fits-all approach that works for every business. The right SEO and Marketing strategy will be tailored to fit based on data analysis, customer profile, industry and more.

We provide solutions, from extensive customer-focused keyword research to content strategy to white hat link building strategy guaranteed to give you the sales lift you are looking for.